Blossom Valley – November 2015 Market Radar

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Blossom Valley – November 2015 (2391 Homes)

Homes Available
for Sale


Homes Sold
in Last 3 Months


Average Days
on Market


Average Listing


Price/Sq Ft.

Blossom Valley Market over the Last 12 Months


Average Listing


Average Sales


Median Sales


Average Price
per Sq Ft.


Number of

Market Comparison for Blossom Valley

2014 - YTD 2015 - YTD % Change
Turn Over Ratio1.55%1.59%2.52%
Properties Sold View 37382.63%
Sales Volume$4,466,000$5,788,00022.84%
Average Sale Price$1,207,000$1,523,00020.75%
Average Days on Market9113532.59%
Average Price/Sq.Ft$719$85115.52%

Listing Price to Sold Price for Blossom Valley

Number of Homes Sold per Month for Blossom Valley

Single Family vs Condos/Townhomes for Blossom Valley

Market Radar report for Blossom Valley (2014 - YTD - 2015 - YTD)

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After deciding to sell our home, we interviewed a couple of realtors and decided on the Ruth Pugh group. In hindsight, this was the best choice we could have made. They told us exactly what we needed to do to the house to get it sold. Ruth presented us with local comps to help educate us with the local market and a week later we had accepted an offer and sold our home! Dan Tomasi handled the negotiations and was very thorough and negotiated the deal we were all excited about. Our house was on 4 acres and going into this I thought would be tough to sell. The Ruth Pugh group and Dan Tomasi got it sold in a little over a week! We were very fortunate to have them on our side and would highly recommend them if you are looking to sell/buy your next home!